TCM Fork Lift Truck Range in BerkshireElectric Counterbalanced Trucks for Sale

TCM Three Wheel Electric Counterbalanced Trucks for Sale, These models are part of the electric truck family and offer a robust build quality and components combined with industry leading operator ergonomics and truck performance.

  • Lift capacity 1250/1500/1600/1750/1800/2000kg
  • Lift height up to 7 metres
  • Battery voltage 48 volts

Three Wheel Electric Counterbalanced Trucks

All models in this series features an excellent operator’s environment that can be individualised through personal settings.

  • Flexible working mode – The Electric Counterbalanced trucks performance mode can be selected easily according to the working environment or the operator’s preferences,
  • Load meter – With the optional load indicator, the driver can monitor on screen the weight ot the load being carried thus reducing the risk of accidents due to overloading.
  • Fingertip control levers – A multitude of functions are conveniently located within the integrated armrest. The optional fingertip system uses electro-hydraulic control levers, making travel direction, horn and lift operations simple with just a slight push of the finger.
  • Diagnosis menu – The on-board module is a diagnostics system which integrates self-checks and a dialogue-type function, this allows for easy troubleshooting and less maintenance downtime.
  • Energy monitor – Providing energy consumption data in real time, this feature not only helps the driver to achieve the most economical way of driving it also shows the power consumption rate for every single job. The integrated regenerative system extends operating time by collecting power to recharge the battery when braking.
  • Auto power off – This standard feature automatically cuts power to the truck when it’s not needed. This prevents wasteful power consumption and extends battery life.

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Other models in the Electric Counterbalanced Trucks Family are available with capacities up to 3000kg with 80 volts Batteries. For details on these and other TCM Fork Lift Truck models,

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