TCM Fork Lift Truck Range in BerkshireDiesel/LPG counterbalanced trucks

The Diesel-LPG counterbalanced trucks family offers high quality components combined with industry-leading operator ergonomics and truck performance.

  • Lift capacity 1500/1800/2000/2500/3000/
  • Lift heights up to 7 metres 

TCM Diesel-LPG Counterbalanced Trucks

TCM Diesel and LPG family remains the undisputed leader in clean air engine technology, this combined with their tradition of rugged reliable construction ensure more time is spent on the job and less in maintenance.The FD/FGE series provides excellent handling performance. All models feature an excellent operator’s environment that can be individualised through personal settings to enable the driver to make use of the opportunities the TCM Diesel-LPG counterbalanced trucks provide.

  1. Tilt levelling – This optional feature improves safety and productivity. With a simple touch of the controls it brings the forks completely horizontal for quick and easy positioning.
  2. Stability while turning – This maintenance free system enhances the lateral stability of the truck and provides safety during turning.
  3. Wide-View mast – The way the chains are arranged outside the mast channels improves the operators view also the two full free lift cylinders fitted to the side there is nothing to obstruct the field of vision.
  4. Floating cabin – A shock absorbing system efficiently dampens the cab from the engine and road vibrations this reduces the operating noise levels.
  5. Maximum uptime – This is crucial for smooth processes in production and logistics to reduce costly downtime, TCM trucks not only feature robust powerful technology they also come equipped with a full range of features that make for low maintenance
  6. Diagnostics menu – The onboard module is a diagnostic system which integrates self checks and a dialogue type function this allows for easy troubleshooting and less maintenance downtime.
  7. ECOnomics for a lifetime Mounted with clean yet powerful engines the FD/FGE series of forklift trucks provides enhanced environmental friendliness with low emissions and fuel consumption.
  8. LPG warning system – With this system installed it reduces the risk of running out of LPG it provides the operator with a low fuel alert.
  9. Clean air technology – Extremely low exhaust emissions are achieved by the electronic LPG fuel injection systems contributing to a cleaner and safer environment,
  10. ECO modeAll trucks from the FD/FGE series and the FGE LPG engine comes with the Power/Eco mode which is more eco-friendly because it reduces both fuel consumption and noise levels.

Full information on this range can be found in the Brochure 

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Other models in the Diesel/LPG truck Family with capacities up to 10000kg available. For details on these and other TCM Fork Lift Truck models,

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TCM Fork Lift Truck Range in BerkshireDiesel-LPG counterbalanced trucks

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